A landmark in Traditional Portuguese Gastronomy: products that incorporate knowledge handed down over generations, family secrets, unique flavours and aromas. Specialities that result from a careful selection of the finest raw ingredients and manufacturing processes that in the smallest of details represent a decisive contribution to their unrivalled quality. A vast range broken down by:

Hams (cooked ham extra, cooked leg ham, cooked shoulder ham, sandwich ham…)
Smoked hams (naturally cured, traditionally cured, on the bone…)
Smoked meats (extra bacon, smoked shoulder, smoked loin sausage…)
Smoked sausages (smoked lean meat sausage, large smoked sausage, thin smoked sausage…)
Traditional smoked meats (extra smoked sausage, wine smoked sausage, smoked black pudding, smoked yellow pudding…).

According to the legend, “Alheiras” were invented by the Jews who lived in Portugal in the 16th century in order to escape the Inquisition. As they were not allowed by their religion to eat pork meat, they were easily recognized by their persecutors if they refused to eat or to prepare pork sausages. Thus, they began replacing pork meat by a large variety of other meats, involved in bread dough for consistency. The recipe ended up being adopted by the Christians, although they added the traditional pork meat. This traditional smoked sausage has, depending on its type, meat and pork fat, bird meat, wheat bread, olive oil and lard, seasoned with salt, garlic and sweet or spicy paprika as main ingredients. Game animals, beef, sausages and ham can also be used as ingredients.

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